NEW House of Multiple Occupation

An HMO (or Housing for Multiple Occupancy) represents the built-to-rent model of housing at the small scale. This housing model provides opportunities for communal living to the residents, with a neighbourly network of mutual support and companionship, which renting a single independent unit does not provide.

In an environment of shifting and uncertain economic conditions and an increasing sense of anonymity, typical of life in large cities, this is an increasingly attractive quality.

This project is in a town centre within commutable distance of Manchester. A stone’s throw away from town centre amenities and great transport links, this run-down and neglected property presented amazing opportunities for development.

The project consisted of the refurbishment of two adjoining houses. One to be refurbished for family housing, while the second was turned into a 6 bedroom HMO. The aim was to add rental value to the property by the provision of high quality of accommodation through good design.

In the case of the HMO this meant identifying areas of the building not suitable for individual rooms to create communal spaces of unexpected quality. A dilapidated rear section of the building, benefiting from access to a quiet rear garden, previously buried within a complicated and messy rear extension was opened and used as the social hub of the home. This now houses the cooking and dining area, with direct and open access to the garden, benefitting from additional light through a skylight to give the communal space added quality.  

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