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Round House

This house is inspired by the desire to live directly above the water, as on a lighthouse(1) and like one it is round to look out in all directions.


This is a proposal for a holiday home, located on a small island set within a large lake (2), accessed only by water. All provisions and visitors arrive by boat.


The house is divided into two parts. A lower floor, clad in stone, forms a solid and weighty base (3) for an open and lightweight superstructure , inspired by the architecture of ocean liners of the golden age of travel (4).


The living spaces of the house are placed on the upper floor. This floor becomes an enormous viewing platform from which to enjoy the views all around the house - as from the deck of a boat (5) - of the lake on one side and the forest on the other. A large white canopy acts as a lid over the stone base, with cutaways to frame the views from inside the glass skin, containing the living areas. The glass skin itself consists entirely sliding of panels, as in traditional Japanese houses (5), allowing the inside and outside to merge.


Arrival at the upper floors is by means of a sweeping staircase in the central core of the circular geometry of the house


The sense of openness on the upper floor is contrasted on the lower floor with a more closed structure. The intension is to create a sense of shelter in this level, closer to the water. The widows, while generous in size and allowing large and framed views, feel more like portholes in comparison with the large expanse of glass of the floor above. This floor houses the bedrooms, the entrance lobby and back of house areas.


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