Loft conversions are great opportunities to create unique spaces within tight constraints. Often this most humble of extension projects can deliver surprising returns. This was the case in this project.

The property consists of a flat on the two upper floors of a subdivided London terrace house.  The client wanted a loft extension added to the rear of the house. We proposed and obtained planning permission for a Mansard roof. This arrangement creates the largest amount of useable internal space.

Additional to this extension I alerted the client to the possibility of adding value to the property by swapping the two mains floors. This was a relatively simple thing to do due to the stacking nature of the kitchen and bathroom areas.  In the previous arrangement the living room is in the lower level and the bedrooms further up. The upper floor, however, benefits from two great advantages: one is the ability to look over neighbouring properties, thereby obtaining more light and sense of space, the other being an easier access to and direct view over an existing roof terrace.


This move also allows for the opening of the roof area above the living room with the addition of a skylight, creating a greater space for the living room, not possible in the lower floor.


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