My inspiration

Creating a home is one of our most basic instincts.

We all want to have a space where we can feel at home and be ourselves.

Realising this dream calls for ingenuity, skill and perseverance.  It requires skill in understanding what you need and perseverance in finding a solution suitable to your particular situation.


The weaverbird is thrilled with this challenge and sets about creating nests of amazing ingenuity and beauty with great energy and enterprise. This is my inspiration and the guiding spirit of my practice.

With many years of architectural and design experience, I can help you realise your dream space.

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Why use an architect?

Many people do not understand what you can gain by working with an architect. Of course they design and obtain statutory approvals, such as planning permission and building control approval, but what else do they do?

"A good architect actually pays for themselves - more than once. You will reap the reward and the building will be hugely better and deliver much better value for it."

Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs

Create the best value

Manage your project

Design flair

Someone in your corner

Control costs

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Why me?

"I worked with Rui on my project which included building an extension. He was able to come up with some brilliant ideas with the configuration of the extensions that I hadn't thought of and made use of the all the available space in a very creative and practical way. Also, he's willing to listen to my opinions and made it work for me, at the same time encompassing his own visions. All in, a very enjoyable experience and I highly recommend his service."

"Weaverbird Architectural Services were excellent. They produced a number of different options for our large conversion project, advised on some regulatory issues & were always super helpful. They were great at asking us "good questions" from the very beginning of the process so that they had a clear understanding of what we needed & wanted - some questions we'd not even thought to ask ourselves. We will definitely be using them again in the future."

"Rui understood our family's lifestyle. He quickly came up with exciting solutions we had not considered which reflect our needs. We are very happy with his contribution and can't wait to move into our new home."

"Weaverbird was a pleasure to work with. Passionate and creative about the project as well as a good grasp of what is realistic and responsive. I would definitely recommend working with Weaverbird."

"We have worked with Weaverbird on the refurbishment of two high end apartments in Kensington Court. One of them is located within a listed building.
Weaverbird were very easy to work with, displaying versatility in coming up with new ideas to deal with various conditions set up by evolving requirements from the clients, the Local Authority and other factors arising from working in old buildings.
Weaverbird demonstrated a surprising willingness to listen and deliver the product required by the clients. Many years of experience in the architectural profession in the UK has borne fruit in coming up quickly with professional, reliable and attractive solutions."

"Rui was great in helping with my loft conversion. His plans were extremely helpful and he was always good at replying quickly to any questions I had. Would thoroughly recommend."

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