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The First Straw

Lay down the first straw for your new nest.

​Draw the first line of your dream project.

Book an architect-guided design workshop.

What do you get with an architect-guided design workshop?

A visit to site by a qualified and experienced architect where you can explain your intentions for the project.


Advice on how to navigate the design, statutory approvals, construction information and process; how to liaise with the Local Authority, engage with contractors and other relevant third parties.


Simple measurements of the existing space as a basis for a sketch of first ideas.


Test the viability of your ideas and generate a discussion of possible alternatives, if required.


The workshop concludes with a preferred option sketched to scale. You can use this to get initial quotes for the work.


The length of the workshop depends on the complexity of the project.


OPTION 1 - 4 Hour workshop session



from £650


OPTION 2 - 6 Hour workshop session

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