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Hidden away in the rear of existing properties often lies a world of opportunity for remodelling your space, even in the tightest of conditions.


This ground floor flat in a Conservation Zone presented the client with the opportunity to upgrade the current accommodation by adding extra floor area. The added area permitted the creation of a two bedroom flat out of what was previously a one bedroom flat. This was achieved by extending into an unused and largely inaccessible rear garden.


The challenge was to find the best arrangement for the extension, increasing the daylight in the new space, enhancing the existing space and using the remaining garden space as visual amenity, to be more visible and accessible from the inside than is currently the case.


Breaking down of the form of the extension, into smaller component parts, was required to minimise the impact of the new extension on the adjoining properties.


Careful attention was paid to the detail of the internal layout to ensure the best use of the space with the client’s furniture. Often more space does not automatically translate into better quality space. This level of attention to detail ensures the client could use the space exactly as intended.


Generous use of skylights and careful attention to the location of windows increases the daylight while being careful not to compromise the privacy of the occupants.


Investing in the quality of the design at an early stage delivered, in the end, a larger extension and better quality accommodation ensuring for the client the best return on his current property

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